MD- 35

IndustriesMultipurposeDrill-MD35 is a heavy duty Hydraulic Multipurpose drill in compact frame size for surface mineral exploration Applications where the sites are located at remote places & hard to access. The drills are built with long experience and knowledge which


The Drills are fitted on crawler tracks powered from rig hydraulics OR Mounted on Heavy Truck which makes it more versatile and Greater maneuverability and easy to relocate between sites. Drills are built with well market proven components which providing more Durability, easy to service, user friendly, improved power factor with Highly efficient hydraulics.

Drilling Depth Capacity

Method of drilling Diamond core (Wire line-Conventional)


  • N-Size - 350 Meters (1148ft)
  • H-Size - 220 Meters (710ft)
  • P-Size - 145 Meters (480ft)

Method of drilling: Reverse Circulation – Down Hole Hammer

Depth Capacity: 100 meters (328ft) Using 88.9mm (3 1/2 ”inch) rods

Method of drilling Rotary - Down Hole hammer

Recommended Hole size - 114mm ( 4 ½”inch)
150 meters (492ft) Using 76.1mm (3 ”inch) rods

Note: Drilling Depth is based on Straight, Vertical, Clean fluids fill holes.

The depth capacities mentioned above are calculated by field experience. Actual drilling capacity depends on conditions, drilling techniques, In-the whole tools and equipment used.

Prime Mover

Types Discriptions
Engine Cummins
Model 4BTA3.9L
Power 75.02 Kw / 102 HP
Speed 2300Rpm
Engine Type Diesel Turbo charged
Cooling Water
Emission Norms Non Certified
Enclosure Fully covered steel enclosure with Lockable Door

Technical Specifications


Box type construction fully welded RHS lattice with cross Bracing Designed for drilling angles between vertical to 45 Degree Mast is fitted with safety guards and adjustable roller for rod handling, Tie rod supports in angle degree drilling.

  • Type: Chain over cylinder .
  • Head Travel length: 4.0 m (13.12 ft)
  • Mast length: 5.6,0 m (app), (18.3 ft)
  • Rod hosting length: 3,0 m (10. ft)
  • Retract force: 51.0 KN (11465 lbs)
  • Pull down force: 30.8 KN (6924 lb)
  • Pull up speed: 48 meters/min (157.48 ft/min)
  • Pull down speed: 34meters/min (111.58 ft/min)
  • Fine feed speed: 4.5metres/min

Rotation Head

  • Model: Top Drive
  • Gear Change: Two speed High/low gear manual change
  • Driver Motor: Hydraulic -Variable displacement
  • Spindle Bore: 52mm
  • Lubrication: Forced lubrication
  • Mounting: Hydraulic Slide – Sideways
  • Features
  • Cooler-Lubrication: Air to oil
  • Speed Control: Steeples speed control can be very precise Improves bit life time .Speed and torque Controlled. By operator from control panel.

Torque and Torque and Speed Rating
Hydraulic motor at minimum/maximum, engine at 2100 rpm.

Gear Speed (Rpm) (Nm) Torque (lbft)
Low Speed Gear 72 – 233 4410 - 1386 (3252 – 1022)
High Speed Gear 217 – 700 1470 - 462 (1084 - 340)

Note: Rotary Head torques and speeds are infinitely variable in each gear range as indicated Output Speeds & torques are on 100% efficiency, Actual rotation speed is effected by Engine Rpm and motor displacement settings

Main Winch

  • Hoisting Capacity: 29.4 KN (6613 lb) (Bare drum)
  • Hoisting speed: 40 meters/min (131, 2 ft/min)
  • Cable diameter: 13mm
  • Cable length: 25meters (82 ft)
  • Drive motor: fixed displacement
  • Static / Dynamic Braking: Spring applied hydraulic release / Over center valve
  • Mounting:Dump bracket

Note:Do not use multiple part lines with the main winch. Use only single line. Wire cable not supplied with rig to be ordered separately.

Wire Line Winch

  • Hoisting Capacity: 7.5 KN (1686 lb) (Bare drum)
  • Line speed: 60 meters/min (197 ft/min) (Bare drum)
  • Line sped: 100 meters/min (320 ft/min) (Full drum)
  • Cable diameter: 5mm
  • Cable length: 350 meters (1148 ft)
  • Drive motor: fixed displacement
  • Breaking:Over center valve
  • Mounting : Deck

Note:Wire cable not supplied with rig to be ordered separately.


Main Pump:

  • TypeVariable displacement
  • ControllerLoad sensing
  • Working pressure280 Bar

Auxiliary pump (water):

  • TypeVariable displacement
  • ControllerLoad sensing
  • Working pressure280 Bar

Hydraulic Valve Group

Mail control valve Proportional Load sensing
Rotation, Main Winch, Wire line Winch, Feed.
Auxiliary valves Mobile Direction Control valve
Auxiliaries, Auto feed, Water Pump
Water Pump Walvoil / Equivalent
Corse control/Fine control
Hydraulic Filters Return Line filter, lubrication oil filter for Rotation head.
10 Micron absolute. Mechanical Clogging Indicator.
Hydraulic oil fills up filter & hand pump.
Air breather assembly fitted on tank.
MICRO FEED Separate control valves for Hold Back and Thrust.
Separate valve for regulating Travel Speed of rotary head while drilling

Control panel

Gauges Hold back, pull down, main pressure, water pressure,RPM,
Engine speed lockable control handle for controlling engine RPM.
Stop Emergency engine stop
Rotation control manually adjustable control for rotation Speed.
Control knob for torque control of Rotation Head.
Load Indication Load gauges are mounted for hold back, pull down.
Water pump Fine control valve has been provided on the panel
Pilot controls Hydraulic operated Joysticks For Rotation/Feed/Main Winch/Wire line Winch.

Spin guard Location for Rotation Head Cage Round the rotation head, manual opening.
JACK LEGS Style Direct Cylinder Bolted to base frame
Qty 4Nos
Fixing Welded to Main Base Frame
Lifting Capacity 68.64 KN (15430.8 lb) Each
Locking valves pilot operated check valves
Stroke 500mm
Approximate Weight/Dimensions. Weight 6000Kgs
Length 5600mm - long Mast In horizontal when rested And Straight.
Width 2000mm.
Height 2100mm. Without Carrier rested on Jack frame
-- Bare Drill Rig without Carrier rested on Jack frame.
Wire ropes Main winch 13mm X 25meters long
Wire line 5mm X 400 meters long
Safety Extinguisher Dry type Fire Extinguisher fitted on the machine For easy handling
Water Pump Type Triplex Piston Pump
Power Hydraulic operated
Max flow 70 LPM
Max pressure 6.895 MPa (1000 PSI)
Engine Emission Norms Tier III certified
Power 6110HP(80.9KW)@2200Rpm
Lighting & Horn -- Beacon Flash Light, Drive lights for MAST.
Horn & Reverse Horn.
Float Sub Type Spline construction
Tramming Controls Crawler controls. Wireless Remote Control up to 20 meters Distance
Foot operated Dead man switch
Mud Mixer Type Hydraulically operated.
Hydraulic and Diesel tanks Type of construction Stainless Steel.
DTH Drilling Accessories -- Guide for Hammer.
-- Guide for Drill rod any one size
-- Break out spanner 1no (optional)
-- Conversion Sub spindle to rods
Swivels -- Separate swivel for core drilling
-- Separate swivel for Air/Mud drilling
Reverse circulation Package Swivel Blow down assembly (Option)
Deflector box assembly
Discharge Hose 20 meter long
Discharge hose socks
Hose tail clamps
Knout nuts
Cyclone In volute cyclone
For wet and dry condition
Interval Box Pneumatically operated
60liters capacity
Slide door opening.
Splitter Cone type splitter for dry sampling
Fixed type / Adjustable.
Riffle type splitter for wet and dry sampling
Rods Reverse Circulation Drill rods of different size,Length and different thread types available on request.
Starter rods of different size and length Available on request
Subs Saver Subs
Dig out Subs
Blank subs
Blow back Sub.
Truck -- 4X4 rigid truck chassis
-- Pay load capacity of 8000Kgs./td>
Track (Crawler) assembly Grouser construction Triple Grouser
Total length of track 2320
Total width of track 1750
Greadeability – Degree 25
Travel speed - Kmph 2.0